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Target 9.2

May 31, 2017
New 3D views, simplified navigation, MX Deposit integration
Target 9.2

Release notes

About this release

Geosoft Target 9.2 simplifies your 3D experience with enhanced 3D navigation. New 3D Views enable you to view 3D data without creating a map. Pack, unpack, or send your maps and 3D views directly from the Project Explorer. Two new cursor panning options make it easy to follow your cursor position on profiles and multiple maps. MX Deposit integration enables you to import an entire drillhole project from MX Deposit in a single step.

How to update

To update to Target 9.2, click the Check for updates option in your software or click the Download button at the top of this page to download the installer and get started. You may want to check the system requirements for this release before updating.

Enhancements and bug fixes


IS71007"Minimize the size of output grid" option in the "Window a grid to a polygon" dialog is now set to YES by default.
IS73313In the Shadow Cursor Data Linking Tool, added the ability to navigate over data in the database where, if the cursor on the map gets outside the viewed area, the current map will automatically pan and the view will be centered on the cursor location.
IS103565Added the "Horizontal Rescale to Current Map" feature to the Database Profile Window for linked maps that contain a zoomed in area.
IS210360Added the ability to lock windows (for multiple monitors) to prevent accidental docking/undocking of windows.

Maintenance Fixes

IS13276Added scripting information to the Projection help topic in Documentation.
IS168480Colour legend bar now posting end values for custom colour tables (*.itr, *.zon, *.tbl) as expected.
IS188472Dragging and dropping a grid or image into a map no longer re-sizes the extents of the displayed map window.
IS199545 Trace style set to "Hole Traces" is no longer reset to "Collars" once 'Plan Location' tab is exercised.
IS200334Math expressions no longer cause an error when encountering protected channels that are irrelevant to the expression being run.
IS211440Importing UBC DCinv2D/IPinv2D files now occur without error.