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What's New in Geosoft 9.4

June 4, 2018

Higher resolution 3D relief for surfaces and models,
and new collaboration tools that make accessing data
and sharing models easier than ever.

Release Highlights

Geosoft Viewer

The Geosoft Viewer is a new free, easy-to-use application that enables anyone to open, visualize, and integrate a variety of Geosoft formats and other geospatial data types.

Geoscience Data Service

A new web interface for you to connect to Geosoft's Public DAP Server and search for global geoscience datasets by keyword or location.

Geosoft Add-in for ArcGIS Pro

Geosoft is pleased to announce a new free add-in for Esri's newest desktop software, ArcGIS Pro. You can use the add-in to import and display Geosoft grids (raster files) within ArcGIS Pro.

High resolution 3D relief

Reveal more detail in your 3D relief surfaces and models.

Grid Display

Track cursor grid values in real-time and save a vector group to a Geosoft Database


You can regrid a voxel to change its cell size or to match the resolution of an existing coincident voxel.

Induced Polarization

Many new IP 3D array plotting options and the ability to quickly identify which electrodes produced the current IP reading.

GM-SYS 3D Modelling

Perform structural and density inversions in GM-SYS 3D by using the Gzz component of gravity.

VOXI Earth Modelling

Use the new winnowing (desampling) feature to eliminate redundant IP and Resistivity data.

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