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Oasis montaj 9.3

November 27, 2017

Experience better 3D graphics, new 3D voxel display options, and create animated videos from snapshots.

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Oasis montaj 9.3

About this release

Oasis montaj 9.3 provides you with a better 3D experience, including new voxel smoothing and display options, upgraded 3D graphics performance, and the ability to create animated movies of your 3D models.

Updates for Oasis montaj extension include new features for Drillhole Plotting, Induced Polarization, VOXI Earth Modelling, UXO Land, UXO Marine and UX-Analyze.

How to update

To update to Oasis montaj 9.3, click the Check for updates option in your software or click the Download button at the top of this page to download the installer and get started. You may want to check the system requirements for this release before updating.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes


IS157458 Added the ability to create 3D Animations (using animated transitions and snapshots) from within the 3D Viewer environment.

Maintenance Fixes

IS31586 Abort no longer occurs when plotting pseudo-sections: related to <sGetIPJ_G0>.
IS80407 NOISECHAN GX now honours non-zero start fiducials.
IS109014 Scripting definitions updated in the Learning Paths.
IS199662 Redundant Automatic check for updates flag has been removed from Advanced Global Settings.
IS210765 Abort no longer occurs when exporting a map in WGS84 (Viewed Region) to an Esri Shapefile: related to <sGPCFlattenGeoPOLY>.
IS210773 Abort <sGPCFlattenGeoPOLY> when exporting a Microstation DGN file as an ArcView Shapefile no longer occurs.
IS213158 Prompts for overwriting symbols and label groups work as expected.
IS213160 Pick Targets from Profile workflow performs as expected.
IS213656 Export of a Geosoft voxel file to a GOCAD voxel file now handles no-data values as expected.
IS213664 The Post end values are reported as expected when plotting a Colour Legend bar.
IS214897 Importing a Vulcan Triangulation File now works as expected.
IS216225 ER mapper .ers files now importing as expected into Oasis montaj.
IS217207 Abort no longer occurs trying to convert an ER Mapper grid to a Geosoft grid: related to <Clip_VV>.
IS217369 When working with maps, the collapsed parent folders no longer expand when adding grids from Windows Explorer into a Geosoft Map.
IS217376 Error no longer occurs when the largest window size is greater than the number of points in a line in running USGS Wavelet GX.
IS217387 Bringing a Database profile to the front when displaying multiple profiles now works as expected.
IS217390 Copying and pasting data into a GDB no longer causes Oasis montaj to crash if the number of lines of data copied exceeds the amount of available rows in the GDB.
IS217628 Abort no longer occurs when producing strip logs: related to <CGeoMFCToolBar::CreateGeosoftToolBar>.
IS217735 Rectangular polygon files (*.ply) created on a projected plan map now drawn in the correct location, as expected.
IS217765 Abort no longer occurs when opening multiple strip logs: related to <CViewGroupContainerPane::OnCreate>.
IS217775 Re-projecting multiple grids at once now working as expected.
IS217806 All interpretations nodes now present when exporting a Geostring with more than 100 interpretation nodes to an AutoCAD DXF file.

GM-SYS Profile

IS158657 Added the ability to extract block boundaries and/or horizons from a suite of GM-SYS Profile models into a Geostring file.

Near Surface

IS39944 Split Master Survey GDB workflow now creates smaller output databases that reflect the actual data and number of lines contained within.
IS73352 Issues with merging grid values as well as locations now resolved by new Merging Targets (by radius and by polygon methods) workflow.
IS101628 Added the ability to automatically pick dipoles from magnetic profiles in a GDB.
IS120704 Added the ability to calculate/report percentage of a survey above a certain velocity.
IS136331 Added the ability to manually specify the default Target database.
IS168596 Added the ability to set the cells to extend beyond data value when creating an analytical signal grid.
IS184960 Width of the channel selection drop-down menu has been increased in UXO Marine's Gradient Derivatives & Analytic Signal.
IS184961 In the Derivatives and Analytic Signal dialog, the channel list selection has a blank space item to allow for corrections.
IS184966 Added a tool to automatically calculate the heading based on the current X,Y to both UXO Marine Grad and UXO Marine Mag menus.
IS184981 Updated UXO Marine Gradient sensor offset help topic for correct units in meters.
IS184998 US Survey Foot map now shows the correct scale, as expected.
IS185110 Altitude correction in UXO Marine Grad menu now creates Alt_Cor channels for each of the positions in an instrument configurations, as expected.
IS185111 When creating derivative and smoothed grids for the analytical signal, the grids are now displayed in the project explorer, as expected.
IS185113 Added the ability to merge targets based on current radius and drawing a polygon and as well, merge based on average location, peak-weighted average location, or maximum peak location.
IS187622 Low Pass GX added into UXO Marine Background Filter options.
IS192551 Footprint coverage now works as expected with merged databases.
IS192674 Error inverting magnetic data no longer occurs.
IS200664 Navigation Correction in UXO Marine now creates the map based on the corrected X, Y values, as expected.
IS201002 Define Cultural Mask dialog now points to the project folder, as expected.
IS209712 Error no longer occurs: related to <UCESETUP - sExecute_Create_DGW GX [21021]>.
IS209713 Error no longer occurs: related to <UCEWINDOWSTATS - sExecute_iDispChanLST_EDB GX [21021]>.
IS209714 Creating a script using UCEWINDOWS GX now writes to a DID access database when the script is run.
IS209716 Error no longer occurs: related to <UCEDATASEP - sExecute_iSetCurrentView_EMAP_GX [21021]>.
IS209717 Creating a script using UCEDATASEP GX now writes to a DID access database when the script is run.
IS209718 Creating a script using UCEFOOTPRINT GX now writes to a DID access database when the script is run.
IS209881 Creating a script using UCESETUP GX now writes to a DID access database when the script is run.
IS209882 Error no longer occurs: related to <UCEHEADING - sExecute_Create_DGW GX [21021]>.
IS209884 Creating a script using UCELATENCY GX now writes to a DID access database when the script is run.
IS210777 Calculate Derivatives and Analytic Signal tool now working as expected with all valid combinations for a 4 sensor setup (Aft, Starboard, Port, and Vertical).
IS210801 Added a Dipole Length parameter to the Marine UXO Classification workflow.
IS210892 Error no longer occurs importing a R61 file.
IS211217 Sensor Offset corrections now working as expected when run with a script.
IS213157 Digitize Targets from Maps allows the user to create unique new Target groups or new Targets, as expected.
IS213159 All parameters now being remembered on subsequent runs of plotting target locations on map.
IS213163 Target sizes are now calculated based on the MASK channel.
IS213164 Added a distance threshold to the removal of targets workflow.
IS213322 Extent Flag section from UCEANALYSETARGET GX Help edited to support appropriate workflow.
IS213324 Instrument Latency Correction GX now performing as expected.
IS213422 Target deletion (polygon and single modes) and target digitization from map now performing as expected.
IS214305 Footprint coverage now works with merged databases and calculates the actual footprint with accuracy, as expected.
IS219669 Issues with maximum peak selection when merging targets now resolved by new Merge Targets workflow.

VOXI Earth Modelling

IS145587 Creating new VOXI document now puts the IGRF date of that of the survey database and maintains the last entered date when modifying the VOXI document, as expected.
IS187610 VOXI now verifies if the upper bound is greater than the lower bound constraint before starting to run the inversion.
IS187618 All grid formats now available as grid types to browse when modifying the DEM.
IS189105 Added a prompt for all VOXI document types when adding data from a database that has both Lines and Tie Lines selected.
IS199575 Parameters and inputs/outputs from previous runs now being remembered on subsequent runs when creating a constraint using the Build a Model tool.
IS210776 Eotvos Correction now uses mGal units as in all other Gravity calculations.
IS217631 The voxel is now saved in the user defined directory with the user specified name when exporting conductivity model as resistivity.