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Oasis montaj 9.4

June 4, 2018

Higher resolution 3D relief for surfaces and models, and many features to boost your productivity.

New collaboration tools make accessing data and sharing models easier than ever.

About this release

Oasis montaj 9.4 provides higher resolution 3D relief for surfaces and models and other new features to boost your productivity. The Geosoft Viewer, Geoscience Data Service (powered by DAP), and Add-In for ArcGIS Pro are brand new collaboration tools that you can share for free with your team to make accessing geoscience data and sharing models easier than ever. Updates for Oasis montaj extensions include new features for GM-SYS 3D, Induced Polarization, and VOXI Earth Modelling.

How to update

To update to Oasis montaj 9.4, click the Check for updates option in your software or click the Download button at the top of this page to download the installer and get started. You may want to check the system requirements for this release before updating.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Oasis montaj

IS13282 Added the ability to select multiple grids to dynamically display their real-time Z values, with a minimal number of clicks.
IS23766 Added an "Export to GDB" option in a map's Map Manager Data node on the RMB of applicable groups such as polylines, contours, symbols, profiles, and line paths.
IS68543 Regridding a 3D Voxel model to match a desired sampling interval now displays and works as expected.
IS176424 Voxel Math Expression Builder tool now working as expected for all cases where voxel and grids are coincident but have different projections.
IS176510 Tool for interpolating database channels now working as expected.
IS178305 Added an option to change the default colour method in the Global Settings.
IS184765 Post Min/Max values shown on the Colour Legend Bar now accurately reflect the data range when the colour distribution for a linear distribution is updated.
IS184963 Graphical User Interface now displays without issue on desktop high-resolution monitor.
IS212099 Upon merging databases, the target merged database is now set to the active current database.
IS219792 Null values in Geosoft grids now being translated appropriately during conversion to LCT grids.
IS224896 Results of an inversion set-up in Resistivity space (and then later exported to conductivity) now the same as the results of an inversion set-up in Conductivity space.
IS227693 Size and decay channels for multiple items now present in the 8ms library database.
IS228079 When importing a Maxwell Plate file, the Thick Plate flag is now recognized with calculations based off conductivity*Thickness.
IS231357 Reprojecting multiple grid files now works as expected.
IS231532 Error no longer occurs in saving an ArcGIS LYR file when importing an ArcGIS MXD file as map.
IS234136 Abort no longer occurs when attempting to import an Esri layer file (*.lyr) into a Geosoft 3D View: related to <CInteropArcLYR::SetupPaint>.
IS234715 When converting an oriented voxel to UBC Model/MSH, Oasis montaj now produces a prompt advising that all rotation information will be lost and asks if you wish to proceed.
IS234814 Moving a Horizontal Plane in the Z direction now works as expected.


IS151360 Perform structural and density inversions in GM-SYS 3D by using the Gzz component of gravity.

GM-SYS Profile

IS213321 Error no longer occurs when loading a TIFF image file as a Backdrop (Depth) in GM-SYS Profile Modelling.
IS231440 When running an inversion the RMS change in the gravity and/or magnetic error is displayed using scientific notation instead of fixed point so that 4 decimal places of precision are shown.

Gravity and Terrrain Correction

IS210776 Eötvös Correction uses mGal units, consistent with other Gravity calculations.
IS231554 Abort no longer occurs when running Gravity > Drift Correction: related to <hCreat_VV>.

Induced Polarization

IS78562 When plotting an IP pseudo-section, added a new setting in the section data dialog for "Colour bar decimals" with a valid range of 0 - 10.
IS209721 When plotting IP system section plots (using .IPI templates), you can now specify the number of decimal places to be used on the colour bars.

MAGMAP Filtering

IS233580 Grid filling using the Multi-step Expansion method now works as expected for smaller cell sizes during the Grid Preparation process.


IS228624 Items in the Resample Library database no longer losing the size and decay channels information.

UXO Land

IS233571 Find Magnetic Dipoles Tool now works as expected and creates a new target database or group with targets picked from the dipoles.

UXO Marine

IS231192 Heading Correction and Calculate Heading tools now appear on the Path Corrections submenu for both UXO-Marine Grad and UXO-Marine Mag.
IS231536 Background removal tool now only runs on selected lines and no longer overwrites the channel in deselected lines with dummy values.
IS233571 Find Magnetic Dipoles Tool now works as expected and creates a new target database or group with targets picked from the dipoles.