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Target 9.3

November 27, 2017
Create 3D animated movies of your models, experience enhanced 3D graphics, display smooth 3D voxels, and classify drillhole collars and traces by colour.
Target 9.3

Release Notes

About this release

Target 9.3 provides you with a better 3D experience, including new voxel smoothing and display options, upgraded 3D graphics performance, and the ability to create animated movies of your 3D models. Classify and display drillhole collars and traces by colour, using values from the collar database.

How to update

To update to Target 9.3, click the Check for updates option in your software or click the Download button at the top of this page to download the installer and get started. You may want to check the system requirements for this release before updating.

Enhancements and bug fixes


IS157458Added the ability to create 3D Animations (using animated transitions and snapshots) from within the 3D Viewer environment.

Maintenance Fixes

IS109014Scripting definitions updated in the Learning Paths.
IS210765Abort no longer occurs when exporting a map in WGS84 (Viewed Region) to a Esri Shapefile: related to <sGPCFlattenGeoPOLY>.
IS214897Importing a Vulcan Triangulation File now works as expected.
IS217775Re-projecting multiple grids at once now working as expected.